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he writes me in these wild emails, and after I got into trouble, I thought maybe uh... Niko Yes - he's got the lot - house, women, cars, parties...

=============================================================================== CHARACTER KEY (#charkey) =============================================================================== Some names don't cut down into an obvious 7-letter-or-less nickname. Faustin Mikhail Faustin, co-head alongside Dimitri. Brucie Bruce Kibbutz, auto enthusiast and certified winner.

CL Clarence Little, head of a drug distribution operation in East Holland. Charlie Charles Matteo, AKA Chubby Charlie, right hand to Gio Ancelotti.

Marnie Marnie Allen, immigrant who sells herself to pay for her addiction.

Keeping in line with yesterday's Webcomic Wrapup theme of kleptomania, we're looking back at one of gaming's greatest thieves: Carmen Sandiego.

The mysterious and crafty lady in red first appeared on Apple II computers in 1985 as the main villain of by Broderbund Software.

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