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Appearing on a CBS News segment, Diane Guilmette revealed that Gonzales ordered not one, but two entrees at a Long Beach restaurant before leaving her with a 3 bill.

“He’s a very, very handsome man,” admitted another scammed woman.

“Looking for someone to be super adventurous and create a lot of memories and smiles together.” He was against casual flings. “#Too Classy.”Just days after his date with Marjorie Moon, Gonzales finished a crème brûlée at the Yard House in Long Beach.

He held up two fingers, and told Irene Rodriguez that he “had to go number two,” before escaping into the night.

Smooth-talking Paul shared her love for fine dining, and invited her to the Tam O’Shanter, one of LA’s oldest eateries.

“I’m going to go with or without you,” he told her, removing any indecision.

“His eyes are absolutely gorgeous.” News anchors soberly issued bulletins warning viewers of the “handsome” bandit’s modus operandi: Gonzales quickly enticed women into a dinner date, ate like a king, then bolted, deleting his dating profile on the way out.

An onlooker had noticed a male diner abandon his date, and filled out an online report.As he held open the restaurant door, his light green eyes sparkled. Moon said he ordered: “A salad, chicken, fish, and two lobster tails on the side.” When Paul finished, he summoned two more lobster tails. She called a girlfriend who convinced her to put the word out.After rounding off the meal with a devilish chocolate soufflé, Paul declared that he wanted to date Moon “exclusively,” then stepped outside to make a phone call. It was late at night when Moon angrily typed a Facebook status update: “Here are the pics of the man who ditched me at dinner...Perfectly groomed at all times, he looked like a hunk from a barber shop poster.His profile photos included tight-vest selfies taken in a gym’s mirror, and portraits with his two sons, whom he dressed in immaculate matching outfits. I love sports, music, water sports and traveling, and dining out and try[ing] new things,” his profile read.

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