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get all horny) several times a year, for three to seven weeks at a time.They also show that they’re looking for action with lordosis, or “presenting” – when they reflexively stick their bits in the air basically. It’s no surprise that like nearly all animals, yes, male cats (toms) have been observed mounting and even penetrating one other.If you believe the stereotypes, then lesbians love cats (and cats love lesbians). Those needs aren’t exactly the same as human needs.

Even between two human beings we have the problem of other minds.

If someone sees a gay cat and their first thought is “ew”, “how can I fix this?

”, “I want to get rid of this cat” or worse, “this cat should be put down”, then it probably says something about how they feel about gay people.

They act as role models and avatars for us lesser mortals.

A gay cat can be a Rorschach test for a person’s thoughts about gay people.

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