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Thanks to this process, you’re more likely to catch a whiff of the magic at a nearby campsite than in the outhouse itself.

They can also be spread by unsafe toilets which cause pollution of surface water or groundwater.

Thanks to flush toilets, outdoor bathroom etiquette seems to have gone the way of cursive writing — only the privileged few know how to do it.

Whether you’re using an outhouse or going for a more primitive experience in the bushes, doing your business in the forest doesn’t have to be miserable for yourself or those who follow in your path.

If you’ve ever stayed at an Airbnb, it’s pretty standard that the owner leaves a set of guidelines for you to follow so that they don’t come home to a complete disaster zone.

You know, things like cleaning up after yourselves, locking the doors when you leave, and generally not being a total monster. So when Twitter user Ian Hickton stayed at an Airbnb recently, he was taken aback at just how specific and intense the owner’s rules for their bathroom were:“Before taking a shower, please lay the provided floor mat on the floor. If you are likely to splash the floor when using the washbasin, please do the same when using it.”“After taking a shower please use the squeegee provided to remove any water clinging onto the glasses, onto the tiles and onto the window in the first floor bathroom.

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