Dating and herpies

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While at the doctor’s office, don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you may have, and make sure you ask for clarification if you don’t understand something., sexual health expert Dr.

Bobby Lazzara says you can manage it enough to reduce the number of outbreaks and minimize the risk of transmission to future sexual partners.

One found that taking an antiviral daily can reduce transmission.

This strategy is not appropriate for everyone, but may be reasonable for some people with genital herpes.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with HSV-1 or HSV-2 (genital herpes), you might feel confused, scared, and possibly angry.

However, both strains of the virus are very common.

That’s why she says you need to use protection 100 percent of the time with new partners.

Taking a daily antiviral can help suppress the virus as well as the asymptomatic shedding, says Harbushka.

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With the right information and adequate protection, you can still enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.“HSV-1 is most commonly related to cold sores, which a large amount of the population have.However, HSV-1 can also be the virus that causes genital herpes (via oral sex) and HSV-2 can be the virus that gives you cold sores,” she says.Read our guide for proper tips on how to use outside and inside condoms.Finally, stress often triggers a new herpes outbreak, so Mysore suggests having good stress management skills and living a healthy lifestyle, which can help in future outbreaks and therefore lessen the chance of transmission.

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