Dating and courtship in australia

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You can find the unaltered and most up to date version of this material at This material is reproduced with the permission of ACARA.The Victorians romanticized love as well as tragedy.Various books dictated proper etiquette; Godey's Lady's Book and Mrs.Beeton's Book of Household Management were popular.A Lady Never tolerates or performs rudeness, crudeness, indifference or ignorance from or to another human being. Remembers; to discuss the price of anything is never in good taste. Thinks before she speaks, once said, never forgotten.Ladies shall never embrace and kiss when they meet in a public place.It is still expected that a gentleman stand up the first time a lady enters a room or takes her final leave.

Valentine's Day was the day which allowed complete written freedom.

Items of apparel such as fans, gloves, and handkerchiefs were given meaning as were objects given as gift called 'love tokens' such as flowers, painted miniatures, or jewelry set with gemstones of particular significance.

The diamond ring which symbolizes innocence became popular as the engagement stone during this era.

To dance more than three times with the same partner was considered forward and improper.'The delight of the average hostess's heart is the well-bred man, unspoiled by conceit, who can always be depended upon to do his duty.

He arrives in good time, fills his card before very long, and can be asked to dance with a plain, neglected wallflower or two without resenting it.

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