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Elaine Yim and Ted Spencer first met at a pub popular with university students.

He invited her to play pool and she was instantly smitten. “I thought, This is the kind of guy I could really be with.” Their first date lasted nine hours and ended with an invitation for the following night. If she was fooling Ted, she wasn’t fooling herself – she was falling for him fast.

But Ted, who had ended a seven-year relationship at the ripe age of 23, wasn’t interested in looking any further ahead than his trip to Europe – which he insisted he would do solo.

Despite enjoying five months of laughter, fun and intimacy, they broke up in October 1997. Two years had passed before Ted e-mailed Elaine to suggest they meet.

Seaneen’s involvement in church was up to her, but it was important to Vince that their children be raised Catholic.

While Amanda used to think success could only come from bettering herself, she now relishes the freedom to be happy as herself – no matter what anyone else thinks.

They were married last September and look forward to starting a family.

Seaneen Sharples and Vince Wasch worked at a heritage park in the summer of 1994.

Only about half of all people who seek out lost loves – usually for the wrong reasons – really belong with them, says Nancy Kalish, a California-based developmental psychology professor and author of (William Morrow).

But for those couples who reunite for the right reasons (see Should you make the call? Almost three-quarters of reunions between these lost loves succeed – not bad when you consider that half of all marriages fail. One woman had to get past her shallowness to reunite with her high-school crush.

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