Dating after breast cancer surgery

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I have implant reconstruction, and while I can't feel the same feelings I used too, I still get pleasure with my skin on my breasts being touched and so on - I still have sensitivity in places, and I still enjoy seeing my spouse appreciate them.

So yes, a mastectomy changed how I felt about my body but probably the reverse of what you expect...

And if she is anything like me, well, let's say I would not be impressed by a statement like that.

But you CAN tell her that at your age you also know bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and have been through a lot in life, and that you see her as more than what she does or does not have on her chest.

As for wanting to let her know that you find her attractive, well, just be honest and let her know? It's hard for example to say the feel of them won't bother you, until you know what they feel like, right?I am afraid that I'll say the wrong thing or do something that might hurt her feelings.I would really appreciate the advice of women who have undergone this procedure.And, you also have to go by her feelings, if she expresses to you that she is very self conscious about her chest, then don't compliment her just to "make" her feel better.Again, if she is anything like me, she will see right through that!

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