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However, Excel has a wealth of pasting options: you can access these by clicking the down arrow next to the Paste icon. You can also paste what you’ve copied as values only, so that instead of duplicating the formula of a copied cell, you duplicate the final value shown in the cell.The , you can then highlight a whole range of cells, and each one will take on the formatting of the original cell, without changing their values. Visual Formatting Tools: Many of these tools are similar to those found in Microsoft Word.You can choose which sides of the cell get additional borders, and their style and thickness.

For example, you might have an annual budget, where each month is a column, and each row is a type of expense.Formulas can reference other formulas multiple times. Search Bar: Simply type the value you want to find to highlight all cells containing that value. For instance, if you searched for “o,” a cell labeled “Dogs” would appear among your search results. Sheet Tabs: This is where the different sheets in your workbook can be found.Each sheet gets its own tab, which you can name yourself.There are also tabs that focus on specific features.Home is selected by default; click on the tab to reveal a set of tools unique to each tab.

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