Dating a scorpio women introvert and dating

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Because Scorpio is a WATER sign, this woman relates to the world primarily at an emotional level, has a high degree of sensitivity, and tends to be easily hurt.

As Scorpio is also a FIXED sign, at the same time she’s fearful of change and finds it hard to let go.

Launch a flagrant assault on her senses by dressing seductively, wearing your headiest fragrance, and taking her to a classy restaurant for an expensive meal.

Don’t forget to respect her strong need for privacy though.

If they trust you, Scorpios are very caring, loyal friends and partners.

The following is a brief outline of the nature of a Scorpio woman when in love.

Once you pass all the tests, this woman will love you for a lifetime.

It is wise to express your feelings only if they are genuine.

When in a relationship with her, you are bound to get jealous by the attention she gets from other men.Once she feels on safe ground, however, she’s usually happy to offer her unreserved commitment.A tower of strength to those she cares for, this is a woman others feel most able to lean on in times of trouble because they know they can rely on her loyal and unfaltering support.She has a seductive charm and very hypnotizing eyes that attract men to her naturally.She also has a very confident, charming and magnetic personality.

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