Dating a prostate cancer survivor

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As mentioned before, many studies and statistics often follow patients up for 5 /10 year.Prostate cancer is one of cancers that less likely to reoccur after 5 years – particularly true for the disease that diagnosed at early stage.You might also like to know more about how fast prostate cancer spreads and what are the most common sites /organs of the body for the metastasis of this cancer in this section, before continuing One thing you need to clearly understand that there is no any statistic that can be detail enough to tell you about what will happen.In other words, this statistic is only purposed for general information! So, there is always a chance and a hope for anyone who diagnosed with cancer.Once the cancerous tumor is bigger in size and also spreads to nearby sites or even other distinct organs of the body, there will be more complications that can be generated.These may include: 5-year survival and 10-year survival are two most common n-years that used in the statistic of survival rate for cancer.And the range of 5 years survival is also often used to connote ‘cure’, though actually it doesn’t (particularly for the disease that diagnosed at advanced stages)!For most types of cancers (including for prostate cancer), the chance of recurrence of them after five year survival is much lower than if compared when they are after two years.

In addition to having cancer, she was also weighed down with grief.However, this only ‘estimates’ the range of 5 years after the diagnosis for the patients lived and then died.It actually also means that some of these patients will be cured, while others will not – depending on the number of percentage!The list below shows the names of men who have shared their prostate cancer experiences. Clicking on the man's name will take you to his story.You can find stories from men who have a similar diagnosis to yours by choosing from the various criteria in the box below.

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