Dating a friend of your ex

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"Make certain that your partner wants to establish and enforce healthy boundaries with their ex.If this is a problem for them, you might want to suggest that they cut ties with them completely."While it's obviously fine for your partner to have one-on-one time with their friends — including friends who are exes — if you get the feeling something's going on behind your back, then their friendship may not be the healthiest."Some partners have been known to cheat on their current partner with their exes," Rappaport says.X A lot depends on the length of time your friend was with this person.A couple of years and a couple of months are two very different time frames and carry different sensitivities.“A couple of months is a trial period, not a relationship."In fact, considering that many breakups are filled with drama and discord, remaining on friendly terms can be a sign of maturity in your partner."That's not to say, though, that friendships are healthy, or that all exes remain in contact for the right reasons.

"If they can find that new friendship, it is perfectly OK for them to be friends."When children are involved, you can only hope that your partner and their ex will remain friends and be on good terms — for the sake of everyone involved.

If your partner shares mutual friends with their ex, the two of them may make the decision to remain friends — especially if they run into each other fairly regularly.

And as long as everyone's OK with it, then this type of friendship can be perfectly healthy.

In fact, in many ways, "remaining on friendly terms ...

can be a very positive sign that your partner puts the best interests of the child first," Bennett says.

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