Dating a fender mexican strat

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Also, the neck plate on my Strat says "Fender", and there's a hole in the back to gain access to the truss rod; you can adjust the rod from top and bottom; Fender calls this the "Bi-Flex" truss rod system.

This is proving to be a real bear to do my setup, especially since I put 12 gauge strings and tune a quarter tone down.

Right now, I'm having a tough time getting the action lower- I may have to bring it to a professional tech to get it right.

For an American made Standard, more than double the price.My American has a "freeflyte" tremelo system with a "snap-in" trem bar; but 1983-1984 were oddball years for Fender, as the company was going through some restructuring.My American Strat has no access to the trem springs via the back, while your "normal" Strat does.There's only one string tree, as opposed to two on the head-stock. How do you tell a Mi M from a Mi A (Made in America)? Keep in mind these are very subjective observations.The "made in Mexico" :confused: decal is a dead give away, but some unscrupulous sellers are sanding them off and passing Mi Ms as Mi As. Overall, I believe this is one of the "best bang for your bux" deals I've gotten in quite awhile.

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