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Try Googling images of 50-year-olds and 70-year-olds and see how many more of these lines the latter group has.

They will never trust him if he’s 10-plus years your senior, no matter what he does to gain their approval along the way.

She won't need constant reassuring that those jeans don't make her look fat. By now, she knows what she is looking for and who she is likely to be compatible with. It's not that she'll never get upset about anything, but she's not going to text you 20 times in a row or show up at your door with mascara streaming down her face.

She's learned that she's great just the way she is and has let go of insecurities she may have had when she was younger. She isn't going to waste her time dating someone just because he or she is there.

As depressing as this is to consider, statistics point to women living longer than their male counterparts.

It will happen a whole lot earlier for him than it will for you, so you’ll get jealous of his increased free time while he’ll start demanding more of your attention to fill up his long, empty hours, even though you’re still an occupied professional.

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That sounds dramatic; don’t forget how it actually looks…

If he encourages you to do this before you’re ready, you will forever resent him for what you missed out on.

Every time you go to a restaurant, the staff will glare at you both — him for being shallow and you for being a gold digger.

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