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This is useful only to indicate the earliest date a term may appear; it does not tell how recently it may have been used.The Mc Kinley Tariff Act of 1891 required that the name of the country where the ceramic was originally made must be printed on each piece.NRA and eagle symbol—1933-1936 The National Recovery Administration, United States, created by the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933, helped to create jobs. Oven proof—after 1933: The ceramic can be used for baking in an oven.

USPA approved glaze—1975 The United States Potters Association approved the glaze for safety, durability, etc. This term may appear on wares made outside the United States also. It appears as part of a company name on English wares in the 1890s.Permanent colours—ca.1960: Term used on English wares. 1830-1840: This term refers to the Sculpture Copyright Act of 1797 (amended in 1814) in England. Russia—1992, before 1917 Semi-vitreous (s-v)—after 1901 A type of heavy ceramic popular for dinnerware. Zone Germany—1945-1949: The name of the United States-occupied section of Germany after World War II.In a twentieth-century piece picturing lithographs like Currier & Ives. 1938-1952: These words were often stamped on sets of ice water pitchers and containers made for refrigerators and sold as part of the original equipment. Trademark—after 1862, usually after 1875: This word was used on English pieces after the Trademark Act of 1862, used on United States wares after 1875. Union Label—1930s The dish was made by a factory in the United States with a unionized work force. USSR—1922 -1991 Warranted—1890s, 1920s: There are three different uses of the term "warranted." In the United States it appears with the factory marks as a description of the com¬pany in the 1890s.Detergent proof or detergent-resistant colors—ca.l944-present: The design will not wash off if dishwashing detergent is used. The words "hand-painted" as part of a mark were used in the 20th century. 1940: A legal designation for the formation of a corporation in the United States. Made in Occupied Japan—1945-1952 The Allies occupied Japan after World War 11 and these words were used on exported goods.Dishwasher proof—after 1955: The dishes can safely be washed in a dishwasher. Limited (Ltd.)—after 1861: Part of English firm name that has a specific legal meaning concern-ing the formation of the company. Made expressly for, made exclusively for—ca.l927-present A factory made the dishes with a special design used by one cus­tomer. Microwave safe—after 1970 The ceramic is suitable for a microwave oven.

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