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Keep an eye on this too; I'll keep updating the list as more threads pop up. I love reading the creepy story Reddit threads with a passion and always have trouble finding the good ones on the search bar. Here's a few more new ones:https:// Reddit/comments/6u8y9z/whats_the_scariest_place_you_can_find_on_google/https:// Reddit/comments/6u8lka/urban_explorers_of_reddit_what_is_your_creepiest/https:// Reddit/comments/6u4l15/what_are_some_of_the_scariest_small_towns_in/I am gonna tell my scariest true story. He finally came back and said there is a missing toilet and a missing mattress that was in the bathroom.

when I was 15 me and my 14 year old friend Josh went to this abandoned trailer house, now I didn't know it was abandoned, and I didn't know it was burned. Then, Me and Josh heard what sounded like a unnatural foot steps going towards the hallway.

Now keep in mind that four windows are boarded up , so it was dark. Before we went to that trailer house, we played with a home-made ouija board.

So, when we got in we saw trash on the floor, a alien ring, a weird head the on a wall, a toilet in the kitchen, and a baby feeding chair in the freaking living room.

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I am a little worried when I get closer to her town on the train as I don't want to miss the stop.

Luckily an older bloke comes up from the crowd and grabs her by the arm and tells her to clam down, at which point she fucking pushes him away like some Albanian Field Wench and proceeds to leap on me!

I hit the ground pretty hard which wasn't even the worst part.

The Skyway Bridge in Florida is the fourth most suicide active bridge in USA.

This website actively keeps count of these death, which is creepy considering it's basically a dedicated suicide follower.

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