Crazy online dating stories

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These people have the most shocking online dating stories on the web. I'm talking a 70-85lb difference from photo to reality. Okay, well her nose ring is actually a weirdly shiny wart that she tries to pass off as a nose ring because she's embarrassed by it. We were out for dinner and went to a decent gourmet pizza joint. Without asking, she reaches over and starts picking toppings of my pizza.

Stories that will leave you second guessing the idea of meeting people on the internet. We were both 25, she'd just finished her masters, and was job hunting. I'm a pretty fit guy and have always been fairly health conscious so this doesn't appeal to me, but we can be friends. Pardon me, but keep your damn hands off my prosciutto!

We have a huge benefit when it comes to dating, a benefit that didn't exist 30 years ago and that is….(drums) online dating!

Our mothers and grandmothers had to limit themselves to people they physically met when it came to dating.

“I had been chatting with a guy on Yahoo Singles for a while, and we got along fairly well.

When he asked me out to dinner I figured, sure, why not?

I met him at a nice outdoor spot conveniently located close to the college public safety office just in case.

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Her profile pictures were of a gorgeous girl, always posing seductively.Because how many horror stories are out there of people who just deceive and lie to get a green card.She's a smart cookie that didn't let the cash get the best of her and at least she didn’t waste more time with this kind of nonsense.It was unforgivable.” “Met a guy I had been communicating with on OKC for about a month.He seemed smart, funny, and we had quite a bit in common - at least on paper.

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