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Usually, it will be made out for much more than your item or contract is worth; the person may say that this is a show of trust in you, and that they expect you to wire a money order equal to the difference back to them.

They may even ask for your personal information so that they know who to make the check out to.

Craigslist is, after all, only a website for posting advertisements, and is not a full-fledged e-commerce website (such as Amazon or e Bay).

They will also often offer you a percentage of each payment that you process as a commission.

WHY IT’S (LIKELY) A SCAM: As with Craigslist check scams, in a setup where you’re given (extra) money and then asked to send it somewhere else, the payments you receive will almost always be fake.

HOW IT WORKS: A buyer or seller will tell you that Craigslist or some other third party has certified them as a legitimate businessperson, or will handle and/or otherwise guarantee or protect your transaction.

They will usually send you a fake (but official-looking) email from Craigslist or their alleged third party to this effect.

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