Consolidating your debt with bad credit

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Well folks, I bet you did not know that you have outstanding solutions at your fingertips.

Before we get into the different options, let us take a look at what the banks are doing to their card related laws such as the Credit Card Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and Fair Credit Billing Act were passed to protect you, but still, the rate of bank fraud and illegal debt collection is at an all-time-high.

To learn more about debt consolidation, check out our three-part blog series, Debt Consolidation 101. This way you will pay off balances on multiple accounts, likely see lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and a shorter payoff time.“In turn, by consolidating with a personal loan, you will see a significant reduction in your credit utilization ratio, which accounts for 30 percent of your credit score.

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If the loan has an early repayment charge, put that debt to one side and continue to repay it.“For all debts that are charged more than five percent in interest costs, as a last resort for those with a very poor credit score, it could be worth considering combining them to be paid off with a reputable loan provider.The bank had to remove any and all negative information illegally reported on consumers’ credit reports. Bank was ordered to refund million to consumers who suffered because of illegal billing practices related to add-on products for credit cards and other bank products.In July 2015, Citibank was ordered to refund 0 million to 8.8 Million cardholders who were victims of deceptive marketing, unfair billing, and unfair collection practices related to credit card add-on services and expedited payment fees. read more…debt validation or debt settlement programs, you may end up paying only a fraction of what you owe to resolve your debt.Too many Americans wake up every day stressing about how to pay off another credit card bill… I can’t keep up with all of these monthly payments…I wish I could consolidate my credit cards into one payment…, etc..

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