Consolidating bank of america credit cards

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As with consumer credit cards, however, transferring your balance to a lower-interest business card can make all the difference. As with most balance transfer cards, this card charges a balance transfer fee; prepare to pay 3% of your total transaction amount for each balance transfer you make.

The Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express has a lengthy introductory APR offer that’s good for both new purchases and balance transfers.

Many more balance transfer credit card options exist at the local level, with credit unions and small community banks more willing to provide lower APRs — even some 0% intro-APRs — for those with at least fair credit.

The Aspire Platinum has a low regular APR range of 10.15% to 18%, depending on your credit, and a generous six-month 0% APR introductory offer.

Although unfortunate, one reality of credit card debt — and debt in general — is that help is the least available to those with the lowest credit scores who likely need it the most.

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Note that credit unions require you to be a member to qualify for their products.

In general, finding a 0% APR balance transfer offer with fair credit (or worse) will likely require some digging, especially if you prefer to stick with major banks.

Student credit cards and secured credit cards are the most likely to provide a good balance transfer offer.

Whether you’re having trouble keeping up with the cost of everyday living or just have a hard time saying no to a good sale, it’s all too easy to swipe and click your way into more debt than you can manage.

When that happens, consolidation may be a good option for getting your debt back under control.

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