Considerations about map updating and images resolution dating and going out

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I'm not 100% happy with it and may improve it again.There is a blemish in the stripe of sorts on the right arm stripe that's present on all known versions of the Defender Armor in the game which appear in the single player.

However, those of you who do not have your game setup to use full body suits with separate helmets don't have to look at a hideous low resolution helmet that doesn't match the style of the main armor anymore.

Firstly map scale suitability of such data (which depends both on the geometric resolution of images and on the adopted sensor model) has been investigated through planimetric positioning accuracy tests.

Presented experiences refer to orthoprojection of a SPOT5 supermode image and to an airborne sensor MIVIS (Multispectral Infrared Visible Imaging Spectrometer) one.

The availability and variety of high resolution satellite and hyperspectral aerial images have led us to consider how image geometric aspects can condition remote sensing applications .

Our main purpose is to underline the importance of images geometric correction; its quality conditions not only positioning, but also object dimensions measurements and shapes which can be very important in specific application as map updating and archaeological investigations, where some shapes could be buried.

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