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They also don’t take other people’s feelings into consideration.Your child may have conduct disorder if they persistently display one or more of the following behaviors: Boys who have conduct disorder are more likely to display aggressive and destructive behavior than girls.Girls are more prone to deceitful and rule-violating behavior.Additionally, the symptoms of conduct disorder can be mild, moderate, or severe: If your child has mild symptoms, it means they display little to no behavior problems in excess of those required to make the diagnosis.However, getting a prompt diagnosis and receiving comprehensive treatment can significantly improve your child’s outlook.Once treatment is received for conduct disorder and any other underlying conditions, your child has a much better chance of considerable improvement and hope for a more successful future.Conduct disorder is a group of behavioral and emotional problems that usually begins during childhood or adolescence.Children and adolescents with the disorder have a difficult time following rules and behaving in a socially acceptable way.

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The problems may include rape, use of a weapon, or breaking and entering.However, early treatment may slow the progression of the disorder or reduce the severity of negative behaviors.The long-term outlook for conduct disorder depends on the severity and frequency of your child’s behavioral and emotional problems.The environmental factors that are associated with conduct disorder include: If your child is showing signs of conduct disorder, they should be evaluated by a mental health professional.They’ll ask you and your child questions about their behavioral patterns to make a diagnosis.

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