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The performance isn't anything incredible, but that's mostly 'cos I don't think much of the song itself, but I think they're cute.Steven thinks that he can sell a song like a work of art.Jennifer compliments her on how beautiful she looks and can feel Hollie fighting to stay in the competition."You sang beautifully tonight, you should be proud of yourself," she adds, before saying that "we'll see how it pans out". Steven was not a fan either, it seems, saying it was far from perfect for him and lacked a certain something. Time for the next duet, and Colton and Skylar are doing another country duet - Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean's 'Don't You Wanna Stay?Skylar Laine is up first and is going back to Brandon, Mississippi. The residents there seem super supportive, and I'm not even going to say anything snarky because I love her. She's singing Kellie Pickler's 'Didn't Know How Much I Loved You'. The actual performance is good - very Colton, if you know what I mean.

Will the Top 7 be able to impress judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler or will some of our old favourites finally fall flat? She eventually pulls it back, but I don't know that this has helped her case at all in the competition. She was thinking of starting the song by playing drums, but thankfully, Jimmy and Akon shut that down pretty quickly. Hollie, Josh and Jessica are taking on Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger'. Then again, I never would have thought about it to begin with. Meanwhile, Randy agrees with Jennifer, admitting that it was not his best performance and it didn't really go anywhere. The Leesburg, Georgia native is performing Maroon 5's 'Give a Little More'. The actual performance is all right - it's nothing outstanding and the instrumentation sounds a bit cheesy, but the girls love Phil so it'll be hard for him to do much wrong, really. He also admires Phil's fashion evolution, comparing him to a mix of Steve Mc Queen and Johnny Cash. Steven thinks that the more serious Phil takes the competition, the better he is able to hit notes.Randy thinks it was a lot better than last week and that she managed to redeem herself this week. Y'all know I love Hollie, though I wonder if she's meant for this competition much longer. She's got a great voice and will do really well, but she's also young and as Jimmy and Akon point out, she doesn't have that much experience. ' Apparently there's been rumours going around that these two are dating, though they insist they're not.He knows that she can sing and hit big notes, but he would like to see a little more feeling. I think they'd make a cute couple, but I also think they're actually just friends.

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