Cisco wireless validating identity

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The focus is to ensure that students can implement the core features of Cisco ISE that most implementations require.

Students should already be familiar with basic Cisco WLC and AP configuration.

Change the ownership to chown iseadminportal: To support High Availability without impacting service, there needs to be support for seamless transition of clients and APs from the active controller to the standby controller.

Pattern recognition prediction techniques do not work well because of high wirelesz positive and negative rates.

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Our required skill-assessments quizzes ensure that: David M.Hope it helps: Another possibility for anyone else out there who happens to find this thread while searching for problems is that the Laptop if its old enough and running windows XP, does not have the ability to recognize the WPA2 security protocols, which if a new router is installed, is probably the security the network has.This is a really easy fix: First download the Microsoft XP update KB893357 on a computer that has internet and get it to the computer that doesn't via flash drive or burning it to a CD.The little status icon that's supposed to indicate your wireless network status in the bottom right of the computer screen (in the taskbar) shows a computer with a yellow dot moving back and forth beneath it.It was a very easy fix, after all the time I wasted....

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