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For the first time in my life, I have not been in charge of the major decisions affecting my life. I had to make a choice to either stay in Arizona and face a serious lack of resources because the state treats the chronically ill as expendable, or move back to Minnesota and have access to comprehensive resources and help from my family, but live in 7 months of eternal winter and leave my network of friends behind.I agonized for weeks before deciding to move back to Minnesota. On Christmas day, my family had to pick me up and bring me back home after we opened presents and ate our feast.I can see things from her side but like I said she never asked what I had or gave any sympathy. Allow me to explain by saying that it was great to be with my family after at least 20 years of not being in the same place at the same time.But instead people assume you are some contagious, dying person who does not deserve to be loved.I have been talking to this girl for about a week on a dating site.I just want to share the type of messages I receive from girls.This just shows people’s true colors and how they are quick to assume and judge others.

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I just really love the fact she had to mention death over and over..sheesh. Please people educate yourself and have an open mind before you jump down someone’s throat! In 6 years I have yet to find anyone with compassion or caring.In my profile it states I am “disabled/retired” and “chronically ill” yet nobody ever takes the time to read my profile they just look at pictures. I read this last night and it actually made me upset.So after chatting for days I asked she asked “what are your thoughts on me having two kids”, which I replied I have no issues with it and I always wanted to have a large family 3-4 kids. ______________________________________________________________________________ Her reply “Wow! Not because you are ill but because it made me think that you are incredibly self-centered.I will also be moving to be with my girlfriend who nearly died recently from renal failure. She is a cancer survivor, chronically ill and still trying to be a nurse to help others, she’s truly amazing. Here’s to a new year of better health, love, and finding happiness.I want to be there with her to show her that she is loved, appreciated and I would like to take care of her. Unfortunately I will be barely making it on my fixed income so I need to help to pay my medical bills and IVIG. Hugs & Happy Holidays – Bryan (Lyme Inside) Tags: Cancer, CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Lyme Disease, chronically ill, Fibromyalgia, FMS, LD, Lupus, ME ______________________________________________________________________________ Dating With Lyme And Rude People I have mentioned before I am trying to date and having no success.

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