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However, finding Christian singles and developing a successful relationship can be wrought with challenges.

Where do we look, what do we look for, how do we develop a relationship, how do we sustain it?

No doubt if you are a serious Christian, or you adhere to a particular Christian denomination, you will want to meet people of a similar Christian faith and belief.

Whilst Indian matchmakers for instance have been around for years and never really carried the stigma that western dating agencies and match making services had until recently, we westerner Christians attached to dating and singles services - or as they used to be known personal - the stigma thankfully no longer exists.

This is a great example of how all truth is God’s truth because He said it first and science confirmed it thousands of years later.

The fact is that we all crave and need intimacy, and a safe, healthy partnership meets that need.

If you choose to join a dating site, the kind of site you join will make a huge impact on the type of people you meet.

If you don’t know where to start, head for the reviews.

It might be hard to believe if you’ve been single for a while, but it’s true. I will make a helper suitable for him” (Genesis , NIV).Society has become increasingly solitary – when people do venture out of their bubbles, they’re glued to their phones and e-readers.The movies and TV make it seem so easy to hit it off with someone, but that’s not always possible in real life (PC Mag).You can Google “reviews of Christian dating sites” or “reviews of ___” and fill in the blank with a specific site.Look for a company that has integrity and is Christian owned.

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