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References to time of writing are meant as an alert to the reader two or three or five years hence that the associated statements of fact may have become dated and should be double-checked.Other things this book is not is neither a C tutorial, nor a guide to the Unix commands and API. It's not a network programming primer, nor an exhaustive guide to the mysteries of X.This book is divided into four parts: Context, Design, Tools, and Community.The first part (Context) is philosophy and history, to help provide foundation and motivation for what follows.This book and its on-line version are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivs 1.0 license, with the additional proviso that the right to publish it on paper for sale or other for-profit use is reserved to Pearson Education, Inc. AIX, AS/400, DB/2, OS/2, System/360, MVS, VM/CMS, and IBM PC are trademarks of IBM. This book has a lot of knowledge in it, but it is mainly about expertise.Alpha, DEC, VAX, HP-UX, PDP, TOPS-10, TOPS-20, VMS, and VT-100 are trademarks of Compaq. Apple, Macintosh, Mac OS, Newton, Open Doc, and Open Step are trademarks of Apple Computers, Inc. It is going to try to teach you the things about Unix development that Unix experts know, but aren't aware that they know.

In this book, when I use the editorial ‘we’ it is not to pretend omniscience but to reflect the fact that it attempts to articulate the expertise of an entire community.Because this book is aimed at transmitting culture, it includes much more in the way of history and folklore and asides than is normal for a technical book.Enjoy; these things, too, are part of your education as a Unix programmer. There is a vast difference between knowledge and expertise. The epigraph on the Portability chapter is from the Bell System Technical Journal, v57 #6 part 2 (July-Aug. 2021-2048 and is reproduced with the permission of Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies.

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