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"Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities," the actor told People Magazine. I was irresponsible." Former football player Dan Marino and wife Claire have been married since 1985.In 2013, it came to light that the legendary quarterback allegedly had an affair and child with a production assistant at CBS Sports in 2005.It's natural to wonder about past lovers, but the Internet makes it easier to combine a thought or urge with a behavior. While Michael simply viewed his actions as curiosity, Tara saw them as real threats to their marriage.In fact, a recent survey commissioned by the Deseret News found that although more than three-quarters of Americans believe that being sexually intimate with another person is cheating, there's more confusion surrounding other types of contact.In October 2009, David Letterman admitted to having affairs with some of his female staffers."I have had sex with women who work for me," the late-show host admitted in front of a live studio audience."What counts as cheating has changed because other folks are so accessible," clinical psychologist and couples therapist Sue Johnson said."The rules are not as clear, and the opportunities for flirting and various levels of sexual engagement have multiplied.""People who have concerns about purity and sanctity -- such as those with overly religious upbringings -- tend to have harsher moral judgments about sexting and other digital acts," Selterman explained."I've found that many couples use pornography and social media to maintain monogamy, not betray it," sex and relationship expert Tammy Nelson explained.

Instead, he'd been Googling some of his exes and looking them up on social media but hadn't reached out to them."If you have injured your partner and want to mend the bond, it's in your interest to make it unnecessary for them to snoop, to be transparent and show them you aren't hiding anything."But it's also important to understand the distinction between secrecy and privacy, sex therapist Michael Aaron explained."In my mind, privacy refers to things that are important to us as individuals but don't necessarily affect the relationship, while secrecy is something that affects the other partner, usually in a nonconsensual way," he explained.The confession came after Robert "Joe" Halderman was arrested for allegedly constructing a million extortion plot centered around the host and his infidelities.Letterman and wife Regina Lasko have been married since 2009.

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