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“If I were dealing with those things by myself, I probably would be crying in the living room, alone,” Liane says.Toronto’s Jenny Yuen, author of Polyamorous: Living and Loving More, also found her recovery sped along because she had more hands around the house. Grasping her hand was Liane Daiter, another partner in Sue’s “quadrupod” relationship, who happened to be eight months pregnant herself. “It was invaluable having Liane there with me.” “We didn’t have to choose between someone going with the baby or staying with Sue,” adds Sean.According to sexuality educator Jacki Yovanoff’s 2015 report on poly parenting studies, called What About the Children?! Once Sue was wheeled to the recovery room, Liane headed out into the hallway to check in with her husband, Ryan Ram, the fourth member of the relationship.

Toronto’s Sue Wilson Munro was a week past her due date with her first child when she headed into the hospital with her husband, Sean Munro, at her side. Liane, Ryan, Sean and Sue are among the growing number of Canadian parents who identify as polyamorous or “poly”—that is, openly and responsibly non-monogamous and receptive to multiple relationships at a time.

Liane, Ryan, Sean and Sue all live together in a big, cozy house, filled with books and musical instruments.

It’s 9 p.m., and the babies—Fionn, and Sue’s daughter, Parker—have finally gone down for the night.

All of the families are super accepting—it’s just that there are too many of them!

” And poly families can continue to expand, because the “metamours”—the partners of partners—may come with their own broods.

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