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A1B1 You can store the value zero (0), in X1, so it will not impact end result. It checks whether A1 is greater and B1 or A1 is smaller than C1.I have a worksheet, with the calculation is set to manual, where the on one sheet the formatting of one range of cells is dependant on the boolean value of another cell on the same sheet. I then created a second range on a second sheet that also depends on the same control cell.Preserve formatting after refreshing pivot table To keep the cell formatting when you refresh your pivot table, please do with following steps: 1.Select any cell in your pivot table, and right click. Then choose Pivot Table Options from the context menu, see screenshot: 3.Sometimes, you may remove the check mark of the Preserve cell formatting on update item in the pivot table options accidentally.

And then click OK to close this dialog, and now, when you format your pivot table and refresh it, the formatting will not be disappeared any more.If I change the value of the control cell then the cells on sheet 1 do not change their formatting.If I switch to sheet 2 then the sheet 2 range has changed there formatting (based on the control cell in sheet1).Enable Events = True End Sub Hi I have done a lot of testing and found out it is only some of the conditional formatting which is not updating.If I set the background color of the cells when changing value in drop down list everything is fine.

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