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It's about things we promise ourselves, envision, fantasize. Add life insurance, a will and even the tiniest savings account, and you can call that everything, too.There comes a point in all lives when it's time to release them, like imagined helium balloons, and go back inside and embrace the lives we actually have -- because we actually chose them, for reasons we may actually not have given much thought lately. You and your husband went the condo-nonprofit route for reasons that probably make sense to you, probably brought you together, and definitely say something about you both. Dear Carolyn: I have been dating my girlfriend for about two years, and am starting to think about marriage.The advice columns also featured cartoons by her ex-husband, Nick Galifianakis, and they continued to collaborate on the columns even after getting divorced.She currently lives with her husband Ken Ackerman in Massachusetts.She particularly shunned me after their argument, which had nothing to do with me or her.Fast forward to when I was divorced for one year and they were separated and in divorce proceedings.I always give everyone a heads up before my birthday — it’s a courtesy as everyone is so busy nowadays.

I have asked him numerous times to just provide a reminder.

I am psyched for all the obvious reasons, but also dismayed with myself.

I'd planned to do so much more before becoming a mom.

We saw each other’s kids grow up, and spent time staying at each other’s homes on visits.

I’m in therapy, but the meeting will most likely happen before my next appointment.

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