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Dunlop patented his idea, but it was later declared invalid due to Thompson’s earlier patent. It was glued to the rim, which had a mounting surface that was dished to hold the tire in place.This type of tire evolved over the years, but by the 1920s it was reliable and remained mostly unchanged until the mid-1930s, when the “single-tube” tire was standardized with a width of 1 1/2″.The idea for an air-filled or “pneumatic” tire was patented by Robert William Thompson in 1846.However, it wasn’t until 1887 when John Boyd Dunlop applied the idea to a bicycle wheel, constructing a pneumatic tire from a rubber garden hose for his son’s bicycle.In 1955 Schwinn popularized the middleweight bicycle with the introduction of their new bicycle line that featured a tire with a width of 1 3/4″.The new smaller size was designed to hold more air pressure, which gave a slightly stiffer ride but with less rolling resistance to allow for easy peddling.Another popular tire size available during the balloon-tire and middleweight eras was a tire with a width of 1 3/8″.

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In the late 1960s and early 1970s the middleweight bicycle was supplanted by the 10-speed lightweight bicycle that rode on a larger 27″ wheel with a tire that was narrower yet at 1 1/4″.

Just as the earlier middleweight tire, the new 27″ lightweight tire held a higher air pressure, once again increasing the stiffness of the ride while reducing rolling resistance.

For the first time, Schwinn adopted their own unique tire sizes, marking their tires with “Fits S-7 rims only.” Typically, a full-sized bicycle tire would have been labeled 26 x 1 3/4″ on a Schwinn but 26 x 1.75″ on the bike of another maker.

It should be emphasized, though, that a Schwinn tire is not interchangeable with other bikes as its wheel has a larger diameter, something that causes confusion among new collectors to this day.

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