Cancers dating aquarius parents and dating rules

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Aquarius doesn't need much affection and certainly cannot deal with the level of intimacy Cancer demands, which can easily hurt the Crab's feelings and cause them to fold up into their shell.Cancer's need to be felt and understood all of the time will be strange for the Aquarius, who doesn't know why does everything have to be emotional with the Cancer.In a romantic relationship, however, they will work hard to find a common ground even though there are not many shared values.Cancer values security, safety, home life, comfort, family and intimacy.

The only thing they have in common is their love for one another.

As two honest and just individuals, Cancer and Aquarius will find it easy to trust in each other in the beginning.

However, trust can easily be damaged in this relationship, because of their big egos that can get in their way.

The Water bearer can help the Crab get out of their shell and get a new perspective on life by bringing new people into their life.

If these two find a way to blend Cancer's nurturing and caring nature and Aquarius' ideas and inventive thinking, their dates can be incredibly romantic, not to mention their home and family life.

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