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The basement rocks in Cameroon are divided between the Central African Mobile Zone (CAMZ) and the Congo Craton, a section of ancient, stable continental crust.

The Congo Craton formed over two billion years ago in the Archean and covers much of southern Cameroon.

Even more recent Holocene sediments cover much of the landscape, forming soils and alluvial material in rivers. The Douala Basin is defined by northeast-southwest strike-slip faults and was divided from the Rio-del-Rey basin by volcanic activity.

The Douala and Rio-del-Rey basins both formed as a result of the breakup of the supercontinent Pangaea and the opening of the Atlantic Ocean.Mount Cameroon is the southernmost volcano on the continental extent of the line and has erupted within recent years.There are no sedimentary rocks in central Cameroon and they are only present in the north and south.Drones are revolutionizing the way police, fire, hazmat and search and rescue conduct Public Safety missions and they are helping agencies save lives.Setting up an unmanned systems department within your agency requires aeronautical knowledge, admin Read More The M200, M210 and M210 RTK public safety drones are now available for pre-orders for police and fire departments.

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