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Her ass cheeks are so plushy and wonderful that you would donate your face to be her sofa for life.That vagina of hers has seen tons of action, from standard toys, fruits and veggies, countless girls’ tongues, and too many dicks for any standard counting system to measure.Raven's Exclusive Video/Photo Collection, Soft & Hardcore. (no log or content dates) , two of the most recognized self labeling organizations.

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As a result of a lawsuit, Leach took full ownership of Third Pentacle.

Her photos are still popular across a variety of social network platforms.

In 2011 many of the babe's photos had been used by online scammers to trick men looking for online sexual partners.

Even her Twitter handle, @Bite My Clit69, is an invitation to get nasty in ways that would make more innocent porno starlets squirm and run home to daddy.

Well, Raven sure as hell ain’t no daddy’s girl, but there are plenty of daddies unrelated to Raven who wouldn’t mind her coming over to babysit… She’s got some natural good looks that will raise the scrotum temperature of even a north pole Eskimo, with dark skin, huge eyes, brown hair and a mouth screaming to be filled.

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