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This includes sex with partners, masturbation or the use of sex as part of exploring new relationships. For the cybersex addict the sexual behaviour is driven, compulsive and hidden.

They use sex to cope, to handle boredom, anxiety, to feel important, wanted or powerful.

The reported reasons for visiting these sites frequently are given as stress relieving and not for entertainment reasons.

Usually the addict will engage in Cybersex actions that he/she would not attempt in real life.

The range, scope, and prevalence of sex technology in 2015 makes the AOL chatrooms of 1997 seem quaint.

Snapchat, Tinder, and even Facebook double as social networks, dating platforms, and subtle messaging systems for sexual missives.

Typing away on their computer keyboards, sending and receiving messages on their screens, they are in a place beyond meditation.

The consequences on the psychological (internal) side may include the development of severe depression, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, shame, self-hatred, hopelessness, despair, helplessness, intense anxiety, loneliness, moral conflict, contradictions between ethical values and behaviours, fear of abandonment, spiritual decline, distorted thinking, remorse and self-deceit.

In the external world this person might put his family and work on the line.

It is further reported that they have reduced real time sexual activity with an offline partner; this would therefore further alienate these people from real life experiences and enhance their behaviour through sexual fantasy.

The profile of the cybersex addict 70 – 75 % of these addicts have thought of suicide at some time, due to depression and the feeling that life is empty.

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