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Well, some of them want help with revenge on each other.Many other smaller Native American groups have been displaced by the Iroquois, who are here in upstate New York, kind of Quebec region. history making is thinking that all Native Americans kind of shared a cultural and political bond, right?So you can see that there are a number of important Native American tribes who are specifically in this area of Canada, which is disputed, and also moving in the greater Appalachian region. The French wanna make sure that they still have access to trade with Native Americans because their main concern is fur, which is a very valuable commodity in Europe, and Spain wants to make sure that they have access to their sugar islands and also their precious metals in the Caribbean and in South America.Now it's worth noting, 'cause I think this is really interesting to students of American history, that all of this territory, all of North America, was way less valuable than all of this territory because we're not talking about just value in land.Alright, so here is map of territorial claims by European powers in North America before the Seven Years' War.Now you can see that there are some places where they overlap, which is really gonna be the heart of the problem in this conflict.It was happening all over the world, so it shows that it was a global war, but I also think Seven Years' War is a better name than French and Indian War because I think French and Indian War is kind of confusing because you would think that it means that the principal parties in this war were the English versus the French and the Indians, when in fact it was the English and their Indian allies versus the French and their Indian allies.Native Americans fought on both sides of this conflict, so rather than the English and Indian versus French and Indian War, let's go with the shorter Seven Years' War, which brings us back to our awkward date range.

Native Americans had been living in this territory for thousands of years, and they had enemies and beef with other groups that went back way longer than the arrival of Europeans in North America.So most of this region really west of the Appalachian mountains, is Indian country, and the majority of inhabitants were Native Americans, and they really held the majority of power in this region as well.So major Native American groups that are in play in this conflict are Iroquois Confederacy, and also Cherokees, Hurons, Algonquians, Abenakis, and Mi'kmaqs, and that's just a small sampling. They want to make sure that they're English settlers along the eastern seaboard, whom we'll soon be calling Americans, have room to expand.So when nations like England and France arrived with their weapons and their trade goods, the American Indians didn't look at each other and say, "Oh wait, now we're all one race."We need to join together against "the encroachment of whites." They saw England and France and Spain as possible avenues to getting one up on their older enemies.

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