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So, if the mandator sells the property, it ceases upon the sale, if it be made known to the mandatory.

By the civil law the contract of mandate ceases by the revocation of the authority.

A mandate might be issued upon the decision of an appeal, which directs that a particular action be taken, or upon a disposition made of a case by an inferior tribunal.

Existing law requires the Instructional Quality Commission to develop, and the State Board of Education to adopt, modify, or revise, a model curriculum in ethnic studies. The death of the mandator, in like manner, puts an end to the contract. But although an unexecuted mandate ceases with the death of the mandator, yet, if it be executed in part at that time, it is binding to that extent, and his representatives must indemnify the mandatory. As to the degree of diligence which the mandatory is bound to exercise, see Mandatory; Negligence; Pothier, Mandat, h. As to the duties and obligations of the mandator, see Story on Bailm.

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