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Vegetarianism could not become a source of serious controversy in the bhikkhu sangha until the rise of fixed-abode monastic communities in which the monks did not practice daily alms-round.Any meat provided to such a community by lay people would almost certainly have been killed specifically for the monks.If you are considering trying out vegetarianism for the first time, we suggest discussing it with someone who has experience.There are a few issues that ought to be considered regarding balanced diet, etc.

Interestingly, it is loving-kindness rather than compassion that is mentioned first in the Jivaka Sutta.

We also got the meal 1 and the burger which were both fine but unremarkable.

The sandwich had the same ingredients as the burger but also had marinated mushrooms! Travelling while being vegetarian could be completed, that makes you happy when finding pure veg restaurant.. We had veggie burger, rice with vegetables, lassie and they were really good The pizza was less... The food at Budda Belly is sooo deliciouse and reasonable priced.

This may help us to be less inclined to consume out of mere greed.

All of that having been said, it cannot be denied that the economic machine which produces meat also creates fear and suffering for a large number of animals.

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