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Oh, and there was something else pretty major: Paltrow opened up about her rationale for not marrying Ben Affleck, who she dated on and off from 1997 to 2000. Paltrow’s father was “devastated” when they broke up.Rather than going negative about Affleck, Paltrow put the onus on herself and where she was in her life at the time. The actress told Diane Sawyer that she mourned their breakup for five years, which would have included the years she was with Affleck (she and Pitt dated from 1994 to 1997 and even got engaged).

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The launch of Goop in 2008 and its eventual growth into a lifestyle and wellness behemoth that in addition to a newsletter and website now includes a publishing arm, a podcast, summits and brick-and-mortar boutiques, as well as clothing, beauty and furniture collections, led to Paltrow's self-realization as a businesswoman and tastemaker in addition to actress and mom.When they do finally tie the knot, it will be the second marriage for both, after much soul-searching on the bride's part.Paltrow told Stern about a article she had read titled "Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person," which was about how people marry into the same unresolved issues they have from their childhoods because they, for better or worse, fall for something familiar in the other person.Whether love is on the cards for Pitt and Theron, we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and revisit the A-lister’s dating history.Check out the gallery for a full Brad Pitt relationship timeline.

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