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5 days ago, Big News on Dating Advice, Includes blogs, news, and community conversations, about Dating Advice .Actual Dating, Advice From The Internets brad p the underground dating seminar Pickup Artists.

Not it is not a category for an athlete and it ain’t no 30 year old bang 30 girls club neither but it does involve how I can get banged. , Think of it as a one year long boot camp where a man has to approach a minimum 30 girls a month for 12 months, each month is dedicated to a specific skill (approaching, identity, presence, body language, rapport etc) which eventually turns a pillow humping virgin into a porn star.My…and this tangent leads me to my new endeavor for 2010.The 30/30 club I will be going through, I will be out almost every night approaching, I will be getting blown out by so many sets and I won’t care because eventually I will be Brad P, I will be Mystery, I will be getting laid more then all those natural guys were…I will be satisfying my chip on my shoulder, I will have something to prove all the way until I’m 42…realizing that it was all a waste of time…and I should have married the girl who loved me in college but I just couldn’t find the courage or confidence (it is all lack of confidence) to chase…one I will always be thinking about for the rest of my life…..My best openers are the ones that flow seamlessly into routines, qualifying, and stuff like that. For more of my routines and openers, check out my Underground Dating Seminar audio program.I guess if you deliver the opener enough times you can find those seamless transitions, but some openers just don't lend themselves to it. I can execute them just fine and all, but I hardly ever do. It contains over 12 hours of audio and comes with 2 free months of my 30/30 Club.

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