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Pretending that he shot Lynchwater on purpose, Tobias wins Thelma's love.

Robert and Ruckus leave dissatisfied as Riley tries to tell his own Catcher Freeman story.

At the end of Luna's speech about the Kumite, she quotes the introduction to Ghostface Killah's 'Mighty Healthy' which is also from a scene from the martial arts film "Shoalin Rescuers".

Luna lamenting while Tom and Robert are tied up on the bed.

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When Uncle Ruckus hears the Freemans discussing Catcher Freeman, he decides to tell his version, which portrays Catcher as a strong, feral, chained slave who obeys the orders and catches every slave who tries to escape.Unsurprisingly, Granddad is fearful of responding truthfully or making an excuse.A martial arts sound effect is heard every time someone says "kumite".And I will not be captured by yo' ignorance, because I'm free! While Thelma and the other slaves plan their rebellion, Tobias pleads for a chance to show off his made-up screenplay to Lynchwater; Thelma gives him 1 week. That's about 12 more hours before most niggas wake up. The slaves try to escape and Thelma is Catcher's main distraction; she lures him by offering him sex, the plan goes well, and they kill Lynchwater and Tobias.

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