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I’d choose for both of us to receive an award from each.As painful as it was over the past two years and three months, I hope we achieve good results.I believe the answer is to just spare our words on issues regarding the law, and to just work hard on our singing and promotions.”“I just want them to hurry up and come back to TVXQ. When I asked whether he knew of TVXQ, he said that he didn’t.Under the name of music, everything was great, but further promotions created a difference in values. The three have crossed the line and have gone too far for us to catch them. It may be because he’s young, but it felt disappointing because we weren’t promoting.During that difficult time, I would just grabbed a water bottle and ride around on the seven subway lines; sometimes I even went mountain climbing. In a way, those difficulties became a sort of ‘happiness’ – I was glad that it had occurred when I was younger, so that I could mature from it. Honestly, I didn’t have the time to harbor hate against anyone.I’m not sure whether this path is right, but I do believe that everything will work out if we all try hard.”“They were all personal wounds, and the pain from my ‘leader’ role was greater, but not once did I ask anyone to ‘Listen to what I have to say.’ What’s already happened is too big for just the two of us to solve on our own. Once, I met a little kid and I asked him who his favorite singer or group was, and he replied that he liked SNSD.Yunho started, “We came back for the first time in two years and three months, and I swelled with emotions when I saw how many fans came.

Both Changmin and Yunho revealed, “At the time of our comeback, Lee Soo Man sent us a text saying that we were ‘jackpot.’ He gave us his support, asking us to do our best from now on. The fact that he’s even by our side gave us a source of strength.

Changmin said, “As opposed to just saying the generic response of ‘My first attempt at acting was hard,’ the six months I spent in Jeju Island was an opportunity for me to reflect. The time spent there filming was truly amazing for me, and despite it being difficult, I’ll never forget them.”Yunho said, “The viewer ratings for my drama, ‘Heading to the Ground,‘ may have literally headed to the ground, but I was able to improve myself through acting.

I’m working hard on showing a better image of myself through ‘Poseidon,’ and I’m trying to avoid rushing into it.”Changmin replied, “I don’t want to give up either of those.

In order to make sure it would never be forgotten, we figured that this would be the best way to protect TVXQ.

He continued, “I’ve always had a positive mindset, but it’s gotten a lot more positive now.

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