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From all the work we’ve done on Yeomans, and from our visits to farms, this all makes sense. How could you ever convince everyone to agree to this? And that’s how it is that I’m on the outskirts of Mackay right now, sitting in the humidity in my boxer shorts, brushing away small flying kamikaze beetles, writing this blog post.

In this sense, the problem isn’t agricultural, it’s .

Hmm, I'm guessing this is the only SVH book I'll appreciate.

Its theme seem "deeper" than the rest (just a guess, though, 'coz as I said, I've not read the others; but I do hear plots from some people who read the series).

The others see The only "Sweet Valley High" book I've ever read (thanks to a classmate who lent the book to me).

The Valentine’s day gift guide below will help you plan a date and pick a gift based on the stage of your relationship.

You two just met recently or just decided to take your friendship to the next level.

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