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Then, last summer, he saw a tweet from Pornhub announcing new porn videos dubbed with spoken narration, specifically intended for the visually impaired. Then, he says, "I smiled." Pornhub's porn for the blind created media buzz last June, with publications wondering at the paradox of blind people being able to watch porn.

Porn, after all, is an art form first appreciated by the eyeballs.

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(Because the company does not make the original videos, it does not make money from this content, Klein says.) "I think the best thing about the narration is that they use good descriptors," says David.

The company made a few tweaks after receiving feedback from the blind community—mainly, users suggested fixing the sound levels so the narration did not drown out the organic audio of the videos.

"We also on the same token didn't want it to be very clinical and dry." Narrated porn existed before Pornhub's venture, but it could be "cheesy," David says.

Audio porn has been around for years too, but it's often one actor talking through a sexual situation or coaxing the listener to climax—almost like a conversation, leaving more room for imagination.

Pornhub's content simply takes existing videos and adds a narration track to help the visually impaired know exactly what to imagine, without losing the frank sexualization of commercial porn.

"The description makes it much more vivid, much more real," says David.

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