Bisexuals in brooklyn dating

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And when a woman flip-flops from women to men you wonder, is it because I couldn’t fuck her like a man can? “I’ve always been most attracted to intelligence,” she said.

“The rest is just logistics.”Anna however, draws a distinction between the quality of her pull to men and women.

It’s just easier and I don’t have to deal with anything emotionally messy. My heart is 100% gay.”Melanie and Marla, on the other hand, differentiate between energy rather than gender.

I like to use bisexual because there’s so much stigma around it, and I’m trying to fight that.”Chicago performer Marla Depew agreed.

“I began actively calling myself bisexual after I started dating my now-husband and got animosity from the lesbian community.

There’s a superficiality to some prevailing concepts of bisexuality.

Which makes sense, when you think about it.“Bisexuality is this single word that’s supposed to encompass men who’ve had female and male partners, women who make out with chicks when they’re drunk, mostly straight guys who let men suck them off, women with female lovers who screw around with men sometimes just for sex—totally different people with vastly unrelated experiences and even different concepts of their own sexuality,” said Jill in Milwaukee.

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