Bisexual women dating in anchorage pattern of dating unavailable men

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Best of luck on your an FYI anchorage fbx and juneau are on par with the national average for cities their size in terms of stds rapes sexual assaults.

once you get off the road system that’s where the sickening numbers come women in villages are sexually assaulted by age 14 and almost every time their assault comes from a family member. Just moved to Anchorage from Denver with my husband this summer. It's expensive, though cheaper than Seattle for sure and I'm saying this as a guy who moved up from Portland.

Our experience so far has been that while there's not as much of a gay scene as there was in Denver, we've largely enjoyed the attitude of the people here regarding the LGBT community. There are only two Gay bars, Mad Myrna's and The Raven.

Culture here is pretty good so long as you're tied in with a Native Corp honestly.

I'm sure you know, Alaska is the first in rape, sexual assault, chlamydia, and gonorrhea on top of other things, so make sure and be cautious, get checked often.

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