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You can connect to chat rooms with a bunch of different topics.Shit like college, singles and dating, college, gay and bi, and chat with girls.Another nice touch was that you could send emojis in the chat.Yeah, that’s a pretty simple feature, but you’d be surprised how many other sites lack the forethought to throw that in there. I mentioned gender options up top, but you can filter by nationality for free.You don’t need to give your real name, email, or any identifying information if you don’t want to.All you need is a webcam, some time, and be horny enough to get down with some random people on the internet.Are you a bit of an exhibitionist or maybe a voyeur?Do you like chatting with people anonymously online? If you answered yes to any of my questions, then you should try out some camming with people online.

But how do you determine which ones are worth your time?But, of course, you can’t use the chat with girls section unless you pay a premium price. Basically, you can use the random chat and most of the chat rooms for free, but the other luxury features are going to cost you. It was pretty lame, but maybe I wasn’t on during peak hours. Other than the chat rooms, you could go to gay chat if you’re looking to see ever more dicks than the regular chat has to offer.But if you want to filter it down to just girls, guys, couples, or whatever then you’re shit out of luck. That’s fucking crazy expensive for the content, but maybe that’s just me. And finally, you could go to 4 video chat room where 4 random people are connected to chat.The general site design feels sleek and well put together.The blue and white theme is a bit much in my opinion.

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    To meet a girl just to meet a girl is not your aim.

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    Not that I'm fake or anything I just tend to keep my mouth shut in person so that I dont put my foot in it!

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