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Yet the book manages to avoid being a tired cliche.

15 year old Jack Raab lies his way into the Army Air Force and finds himself flying bombing missions over occupied territory.

Gripping and vividly told, every boy pictures himself in Brian’s shoes and wonders whether he would have what it takes to survive.

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Utterly alone, Brian must learn to rely on himself.Phineas’ seeming perfection creates a jealously in Gene that results in a tragedy that will forever change both of their lives.A piercing look at both the light and the shadows of friendship and humanity.Additionally, it has stories of bravery and adventure that inspire boys to be great men. One of my favorite books as a boy-who knew the lives of rabbits could be so engrossing?I’m sure it’s rife with rich symbolism and whatnot to mull over, but it’s one of those books that creates a world so rich and evocative that it’s best to let yourself get totally wrapped up in it instead of constantly searching for deeper meaning.

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