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It’s an unrelenting and exhaustively researched book into our system of mass incarceration, which Alexander compares to the Jim Crow laws that justified and enforced segregation in the first half of the twentieth century.If after reading this book you’re still unconvinced that there is systemic abuse toward racial minorities, I suggest getting yourself a small, paddle-powered boat and sail solo into the Pacific Ocean. Personally, I think any list of books that men “should” read is fatally flawed when almost all of them were written by white, male authors (Flannery O’Connor got a nod, but then again, there’s a chance the list’s author thought “Flannery” was a guy).They may or may not be the 16 best books is an incredibly sincere work in a culture where irony is omnipresent, and is one of the best contemporary reflections upon masculinity that I’ve ever read, centering on a narrative about what it means to be a son or a father. The text is taken directly from his notebooks while he was in Syria documenting the uprising against the Assad regime.Also worth noting is that it’s a woman, his beloved Beatrice, who is responsible for his journey to salvation.She sends the pagan poet Virgil to guide him through Hell so that he can right his ways and get to Heaven.

When Toni Morrison says something is “required reading,” you don’t question it. It’s an unfiltered look into the Soviet Gulag system, and is appropriate here in an age when America has as many people incarcerated right now as were incarcerated in the former U. by Mary Karr When I think of archetypically badass women, Mary Karr immediately comes to mind. With incredibly controlled prose and refreshing wit, Karr paints a picture of what it was like to grow up in rural Texas with a dysfunctional family and how to use that experience for your own personal growth. (you can’t go wrong with anything they publish), this is one of the best and most honest books that came out of the Second World War.An incredible spiritual work from the author of Siddhartha. by Michelle Alexander This is the title I immediately and robotically recite anytime someone is looking for a book recommendation.By far the most infuriating book I’ve read, but vital for anyone that’s looking to understand why the #Black Lives Matter movement exists.An amazing example of one of my favorite genres, the bildungsroman (the coming-of-age story, especially heartstring-pulling for young male readers).This book is the story of two men, Narcissus and Goldmund, who take opposite life paths toward enlightenment -one seeks the outside world for experience, the other the ascetic life of a monk.

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